The Pillars of Kenya Emergency Medical Services Development

Despite of the common perception that Kenya is deficient of resources to strengthen her Emergency Medical Services System, the stakeholders own and hold a lot of resources. If the available resources are pooled together to strengthen the key pillars of Emergency Medical Services, we can establish a robust pre-hospital and out-of-hospital care system.

By: Brian Beauttah                      Folder: EMS Research and Development

On behalf of Knights Emergency Medical Services

In Kenya, we have enough resources to boost our pre-hospital and out-of-hospital care systems. The key pillars of Kenya Emergency Medical Services (EMS) development are: –

  1. Training and certification of EMS providers and personnel
  2. Transport systems capacity (Ambulance services capacity, equipment, mutual response)
  3. EMS Communications Systems capacity
  4. EMS Policy and funding (Setting standards and pooling resources)
  5. Data collection and analysis (Research and documentation)
  6. Organization and oversight structures
  7. Public Participation in EMS development

It all starts with stakeholder awareness, inter-agency collaboration and embracing a common coordinated way forward.


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About the author


Brian Beauttah is an Executive Director at Knights Emergency Medical Services. He was the Best Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-1) in Kenya (2014). He has since acquired Advanced Life Support (ALS) endorsements. He is the winner of the Priory of St John Kenya Best Life Saver Award (2016) among other accolades. He has served as an Assistant Secretary in the Kenya Council of Emergency Medical Technicians – KCEMT. He has engaged in professional practice in various EMS institutions. Brian is a 4th year law student at the prestigious University of Nairobi in Kenya.