Machakos Referral Hospital CPD with Dr. Rukiya Mkamburi (L), Brian Beauttah (C) and Dr. Nick Were (R)

Knights Emergency Medical Services Consultancy is committed to be an advocate of EMS education and research. We offer consultancy and resources on:

  • Continuous Professional Development (CMEs and CPDs)
  • Instruction on medico-legal and bioethical issues in various modules;
    • Emergency Medical Service legislation
    • Emergency Medical Service personnel and the Law
    • Emergency Medical Dispatch systems and the Law
    • Emergency Vehicle Operations and the Law
    • End of life issues (obligations and procedure in case of death)
    • Pharmaco-legal issues
    • Patient rights and professional duties
    • Pediatric EMS and the Law
    • Documentation – CYA
    • Professional misconduct
  • Continuous Quality Improvement monitoring
  • Licensing, accreditation and certification procedures
  • Curriculum reviews
  • Research papers for EMS students

EMS Research Development.

We conduct ethical, evidence-based research and reviews that conform to best practices and comparative standards, then verified through peer reviews of experts in the EMS profession. This service is aimed at organizational growth and development of the EMS profession.

Do you want to conduct a feasibility study on an EMS product or project in Kenya? Then you have come to the right place!

  • Data collection, documentation and analysis
  • Software applications in Emergency Medical Services
  • Resources and Links in our Resource Library

We also offer independent product reviews and EMS provider reviews.

Do you have a research idea or a draft that you wish to publicize? Reach us through