We are a premier and leading consultancy service provider for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in Kenya and our commitment is to offer high quality, efficient and professional service delivery with excellence, in our service speciality areas such as;


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We endeavour to provide tailor made solutions to your EMS needs and dedicate to provide specialised efficient and competent personnel for quality service delivery.



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EMS General Consultancy.

We offer advocacy and sensitize members of the general public, organizations, individuals and other stakeholders about the Emergency Medical Services discipline.

Do you want to know the history of Emergency Medical Services, the current situation and the plans for the future? Request for our program on EMS Career Entry, Path and Opportunities.

Do you want to know how to become an Emergency Medical Service provider in Kenya? Do you want to know more about the EMS profession before you make a lifetime investment? Then, that is what we offer!

EMS Systems Set up, Review and Management

Good EMS Systems set up, institutional organization, leadership and management is the backbone of maintaining reliable standards in the EMS profession. In order to ensure business growth and organizational integrity we offer consultancy in the following;

  • EMS Systems set up
  • EMS Systems review
  • EMS Systems compliance audit
  • EMS Provider institutional compliance
  • EMS Human Resource Management and personnel compliance
  • Drafting and review of operational, managerial, HR policies and manuals
Courtesy of: Knights Emergency Medical Services


EMS Legal Compliance and Dispute Resolution

EMS Kenya is developing at a rapid rate. When EMS Systems develop, they not only bring better standards for EMS personnel and a good investment to EMS service providers, but also a huge deal of legal claims and disputes.When EMS personnel and service providers are caught up in the inevitable legal disputes and battles, who shall watch over them?

Is your EMS institution/organization compliant with the Laws of Kenya and EMS By Laws? Find out from Knights Emergency Medical Services.

Knights Emergency Medical Services Compliance Program endeavors to provide tailor made solutions to your EMS needs by ensuring that your institution is compliant with applicable national, county and other local laws. We also ensure that you have strong, comprehensive and updated policies, protocols, regulations and standard operating procedures to guide your day to day operations.

  • Governmental regulatory compliance (Laws of Kenya, national policies and procedures)
  • KCEMT professional regulatory compliance
  • Best practice from other jurisdictions/ areas as applicable in Kenya
  • Continuous Quality Assurance
  • Advisory opinions on cases and disputes. With knowledge of Alternative Dispute Resolution and the law, we advise clients, lawyers and any other parties accordingly on EMS related matters. This avoids needless litigation and facilitates access to justice for the parties instead of resorting to costly processes in non-justiciable issues
  • EMS policy review and development (operational policies, protocols, SOPs, formulary drafting and review)
  • EMS expert witnesses in Alternative Dispute Resolution (Arbitration, mediation, adjudication, negotiation, conciliation, etc) and litigation (court processes) – at the request of one party, both parties or the arbitrator and / or court. We play an advocacy role except when appointed as independent expert witnesses
  • Party representative – we offer to represent parties as lay advocates in arbitration, tribunals and before other administrative panels in EMS related matters. We are empowered by our sufficient understanding of the technical matters related to EMS

EMS Employment and Labour Relations.


Do you know your rights, your duties, your options and the best cause of action when you are faced with an EMS related dispute/case or want to pursue a claim in occupational injuries? We are here for you. We offer sound advisory opinions in employment and labour relations, professional malpractice, occupational injury claims among other medico-legal and bio-ethical issues in Emergency Medical Services.

Get prototype EMS templates and required forms, work plans, contingency plans, crisis preparedness plans, among others

Are you experiencing challenges in your practice? Do not hesitate to contact us and hear what we have to say about it.


EMS Education and Research Development

Machakos Referral Hospital CPD with Dr. Rukiya Mkamburi (L), Brian Beauttah (C) and Dr. Nick Were (R)

Knights Emergency Medical Services Consultancy is committed to be an advocate of EMS education and research. We offer consultancy and resources on:

  • Continuous Professional Development (CMEs and CPDs)
  • Instruction on medico-legal and bioethical issues in various modules;
    • Emergency Medical Service legislation
    • Emergency Medical Service personnel and the Law
    • Emergency Medical Dispatch systems and the Law
    • Emergency Vehicle Operations and the Law
    • End of life issues (obligations and procedure in case of death)
    • Pharmaco-legal issues
    • Patient rights and professional duties
    • Pediatric EMS and the Law
    • Documentation – CYA
    • Professional misconduct
  • Continuous Quality Improvement monitoring
  • Licensing, accreditation and certification procedures
  • Curriculum reviews
  • Research papers for EMS students

EMS Research Development.

We conduct ethical, evidence-based research and reviews that conform to best practices and comparative standards, then verified through peer reviews of experts in the EMS profession. This service is aimed at organizational growth and development of the EMS profession.

Do you want to conduct a feasibility study on an EMS product or project in Kenya? Then you have come to the right place!

  • Data collection, documentation and analysis
  • Software applications in Emergency Medical Services
  • Resources and Links in our Resource Library

We also offer independent product reviews and EMS provider reviews.

Do you have a research idea or a draft that you wish to publicize? Reach us through Knights.ems.consultancy@gmail.com

EMS Partnerships, Networking & Social Responsibility

We want to connect the Emergency Medical Services community. Do you want to be part of the web? We bring together students, professionals and other interested stakeholders in Emergency Medical Services.

On our partnerships and networking platform, we bring together various stakeholders in Emergency Medical Services and related fields to promote, invest, donate, sponsor or support the development of Emergency Medical Services. We also bring together students, professionals and other interested personnel through our orientation and placement program.

  • Exchange programs
  • Student and professional placements (attachments, internships, mentorship)
  • Careers and vacancies
  • EMS representative
  • Professional EMS personnel referral to EMS organizations from our membership

We are developing a National Directory on EMS stakeholders in Kenya. Reach us through Knights.ems.consultancy@gmail.com for inclusion. This service is free of charge.

Partnerships and Networking

EMS Social Responsibility.

Above all, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program offers up to 8 hours of Free Consultation every month! Benefit from the Knights Emergency Medical Services Free Consultation through:

E-mail:                   Knights.ems.consultancy@gmail.com
Call/ SMS:             (+254) 0718 130 333; (+254 711 455 149)

Website:                www.knightsemsconsultancy.com
Weblog:                 www.knightsemsblog.WordPress.com

C/o: Knights EMS

Community Paramedicine Consultancy

community paramedicine
Courtesy of: Knights EMS


The Community Paramedicine Consultancy is aimed at creating a tailor-made program to upgrade the competencies and scope of the current Emergency Medical Service practitioners. The program will be responsive to community needs.

The Community Paramedics will be trained specifically to handle both out-of-hospital and pre-hospital emergency medical care as opposed to the current model of pre-hospital care only.


General Business Enterprise Package

We assist you to form any form of business enterprise in Kenya whether it is offering Emergency Medical Services or not. We also assist you in maintaining compliance requirements.