Unite under the umbrella of The Kenya Council of Emergency Medical Technicians (KCEMT) or obstruct our development’.
1st June 2017.
On this day, 1st June, we celebrate when Kenya attained her self rule in 1963.
For Emergency Medical Services in Kenya, we take this day as a reminder of our aspirations to strengthen our systems of PROFESSIONAL SELF REGULATION.
Professional self regulation comes with a recognition of the maturity of our profession, and an acknowledgement of the special skills, expertise, knowledge and experience of Emergency Medical Services personnel in Kenya.
Professional self regulation is a privilege to monitor and enforce the legal standards, bio-ethical codes and safety requirements of the EMS profession. Moreover, it includes ensuring adherence by Emergency Medical Services personnel to the legal requirements, bio-ethical considerations and the acceptable moral conduct.
Professional self-regulation acknowledges that the members of our honorable profession are capable of governing themselves in the best interests of the public that we serve. This basically means that we do not wait for the government, its organs like Parliament or devolved units of government (County Governments) to set the laws and regulations for our operations.
We minimize interventions from external bodies but maximize on partnerships and collaborations for seamless operations.
EMS is a dynamic area of medicine. Depending on external regulation will restrict our development and advancement. Therefore, the only flexible way is to boost our self-regulation mechanisms which will make it easy to adapt to market and operational changes unlike other regulation techniques like written laws. By the time written laws are in place, they would either be obsolete and irrelevant at best or an obstacle to progress at worst.
It is time we united under the umbrella of The Kenya Council of Emergency Medical Technicians (KCEMT) for our personal and professional development.
By: Brian Beauttah
For and On Behalf of;
Knights Emergency Medical Services.


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