This platform provides various essential downloads. The downloads are drawn from various sources and are intended to boost your knowledge and update your capacity in Emergency Medical Services

BLOGS Download

  1. Patient Confidentiality and Breaking the Silence

EMS General Awareness

  1. UNDP Kenya Natural Disaster Profile

EMS Policy and Standards

  1. KEBS Ambulance Standards
  2. National Draft Policy on Disaster Management
  3. Kenya National Formulary for Primary Care Level
  4. Kenya Health Bill 2014

EMS Professional Practice

  1. Emergency Response Guidebook 2012
  2. ETAT WHO Pocket Book 2013
  3. ETAT MOH Paediatric Protocols 2013
  4. Managing Emergency Incidents on the Roadway
  5. The National EMS Provider Directory Requirements
  6. UN Emergency Basic Field Procedures and the Basic Trauma Bag